Presents 2d Pack


Lovely 2D presents for your game!
The Presents 2D Pack can be used as loot boxes, holiday or birthday presents.
Their outline thickness and color can be customized.
This package is PC and mobile friendly.
Multiple demo scenes are included.


Lovely presents for your game!
The Presents 2d Pack is perfect for loot boxes, holiday or birthday presents.
This package include 10 animated present boxes with particle effects, a custom shader with colorful glowing outline, layered sprites to enable sorting as well as multiple demo scenes.
The Presents 2d Pack is PC and mobile friendly.

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Bonus content only available on the Axion Studios Store:

  • All presents, environments and effects as layered AI, PSD and SVG
  • All 2d assets as PNG sprites

Demo Scenes

Two demo scenes (one per theme) as well as an extra scene with all presents are all included to demonstrate how you can use those beautiful animated 2d presents. Each themed scene include a background illustration (as seen in the video) as well as presents already setup for interactions.

Custom Shader with Outlines

The Presents 2d Pack comes with a custom shader, created with Shader Graph, which adds an optional outline feature to the unlit material.
The outline can be toggled on or off and its thickness and color can be adjusted individually per material.
Furthermore, by adjusting the intensity of the color, the outline can be turned into a stunning glowing outline. For this glowing feature to work the camera needs to be set as HDR and have a Volume component with a bloom effect.


The Presents 2d Pack is using Unlit materials with the custom outline shader, 3 materials have been created to achieve 3 outline colors seen in the demo.
Additional materials can easily be created and assigned to present prefabs to get even more outline color variations.

Sorting layers

Each present is split into multiple sprites to be animated and be able to visually contain items.
This feature is achieved by using the Order in Layer on each Sprite Renderer, the front layer has been set to 10 and back layer to -1, allowing any object with an order in layer setting between 0 to 9 to automatically appear inside the present.
Additionally, each 2d Present prefab has been setup with a Sorting Group component solving any possible sorting layer problem between presents.


Each present prefab comes with an Animator component with pre-assigned animation clips.

  • Closed and Opened – no motion
  • Breath – the present softly deforms mimicking a breathing motion
  • Jump – bounces in place
  • Open – pops open instantly
  • Explode – the box shakes rapidly then suddenly opens
  • Close – the present close back

Animations are controlled by our Present Animator custom script.

Present Animator Script

Our Present Animator custom script control how the player interact with the present, which effects are played and what objects are contained by the presents.

Here is a description of each option of the script panel:

  • FX Root – Defines the parent and location of all the effects assigned to the present. It has been assigned to an FXRoot object by default.
  • The panel is split into sections that can be toggled to enable or disable actions and features :
    • Idle (default behavior section, this cannot be turned off)
    • Mouse Over
    • Click
    • Close Back
    • Contained Items
  • Animation – The animation to be played for the corresponding action.
  • FX – A list of all effect prefabs to be played for the corresponding action.
  • Preload FX – This feature will create an instance of all the FX assigned to this present when the scene is loaded instead of creating them when they are played, this is to ensure a smoother gameplay with no FPS stutter.
  • FX Delay – Defines in seconds how delayed the effect(s) should be played once the animation started playing.
  • FX Loop – Should the effect be looped and played infinitely.
  • Fade-Out – Defines in seconds the animation fade-out effect when leaving the state.
  • Click To Close – Requires the player to click on the present to close it.
  • Auto Close – The present will close automatically after a delay defined by the Auto Close Delay.
  • Auto Close Delay – defines in seconds how delayed the close animation should be played. Only used if the Auto Close is enabled.
  • Contained Items – A list of all items that will be created when the present is opened.
  • Contained Items Root – defines the parent and location of all the Contained items assigned to the present. It has been assigned to a Contained Items Root object by default.
  • Preload Contained Items – This feature will create an instance of all the Contained Items assigned to this present when the scene is loaded instead of creating them when they are displayed, this is to ensure a smoother gameplay with no FPS stutter.
Presents 2D Pack Present Animator

Particle Effects

This pack comes with 8 particle effects ranging from Explosion to Confetti and Cats.
Those effects should be assigned to each present’s prefab using the Present Animator script.
They are all setup with an Order in Layer of 0, this setting will make them appear inside the present by default.


Present prefabs:

  • Standard theme
    • Present-01
    • Present-02
    • Present-03
    • Present-04
    • Present-05
  • Halloween theme
    • Present_bats
    • Present_cats
    • Present_pumpkin
    • Present_skull
    • Present_spider

Particle effects prefabs:

  • Standard theme
    • FX_Confetti
    • FX_ConfettiStreamer
    • FX_SparkleFall
    • FX_SparkleFloat
  • Halloween theme
    • FX_Skulls
    • FX_Bats
    • FX_Cats
    • FX_Explosion

An extra Item prefab has been created using the Confetti animated texture with a particle system.

Sprite resolution


  • Standard theme
    • Environment.jpg – 2400*1255 pixels
    • Present-01_1.png – 913*664 pixels
    • Present-02_1.png – 826*542 pixels
    • Present-03_1.png – 644*912 pixels
    • Present-04_1.png – 737*892 pixels
    • Present-07_1.png – 897*756 pixels
  • Halloween theme
    • Environment_Halloween.jpg – 2400*1260 pixels
    • present_bats_1.png – 934*622 pixels
    • present_cats_1.png – 580*698 pixels
    • present_pumpkin_1.png – 705*804 pixels
    • present_skull_1.png – 929*613 pixels
    • present_spider_1.png – 701*748 pixels


  • Standard theme
    • Confetti_4x2.png – 1024*512 pixels
    • ConfettiStreamer.png – 1024*512 pixels
    •  Sparkle.png – 512*512 pixels
  • Halloween theme
    • bat.png – 1024*1024 pixels
    • cat.png – 1024*1024 pixels
    • Explosion.png – 512*512 pixels
    • skull.png – 1024*1024 pixels


All files, except the sprites, are only available in the Unity file.

The Unity package is provided as:

  • Unity URP 2019.4.8f1
  • Unity URP 2020.1.3f1

Sprites are provided as:

  • PNG
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator 2020
  • PSD – Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • SVG


The following files are available as ZIP:

  • Unity package file (4.89 MB)
  • Bonus content (36.10 MB)
    • All presents, environments and effects as layered AI, PSD and SVG
    • All 2d assets as PNG sprites

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Version history

  • v2.0
    • Upgraded the project from Unity Standard to Unity URP
    • Added an outline shader with adjustable thickness and HDR color
    • Added 3 materials for each outline color variation in the demos
    • Added sorting groups to each present prefab
    • Added a demo scene with all presents
    • Added a close animation
    • Added a Present Animator script which handles player interactions with the present (Idle, Mouse Over, Click, Close Back), effects playback, contained items as well as asset instantiation
    • Adjusted all sprite resolution to include room for the outline.
    • Adjusted the hierarchy of all present prefabs to include roots for effects and contained items
    • Adjusted some animations to call the right events
    • Fixed some sprite to have a sharper outline without bleeding colors
    • Removed all outline sprite and script from the project (replaced by the new shader)
    • Removed the Present FX Player script (replaced by the Present Animator script)
  • v1.2
    • Added 5 boxes for Halloween.
    • Added 3 effects for Halloween.
    • Added a demo scene for Halloween.
  • v1.1
    • Fixed a minor bug to position the particle effect before it starts playing.
    • Changed all sorting layers to use the Default layer to avoid missing sorting layer error
  • v1.0
    • Initial release


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