Presents 3d Pack


Colorful animated and interactive loot box presents for your game.
Drag and drop present prefabs into your project and press Play!
Demo scene included.
PC and mobile friendly.


The Presents 3d Pack is full of colorful animated and interactive loot boxes.
Drag and drop present prefabs into your project and press Play!
A demo scene is included as seen in > this video <
PC and mobile friendly.

Easter, Christmas, Valentine, Halloween and Stripes themes.
Animated present boxes with 3 different shapes and bows.
123 present prefabs, 41 paper and 29 ribbon PBR materials.
13 particle effects prefabs.
Scripted playback for animation, player interactions, particles and contained items.

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Bonus content only available on the Axion Studios Store:

  • All 3d assets as 3DS Max and FBX files including animations
  • Confetti glitter and streamer as animated 3DS Max and FBX files (used for particle texture atlas rendering)
  • All PNG/TGA textures, particles and skybox provided in a separate ZIP file


A demo scene with animated and interactive presents, animated camera, a 3d coin inside one of the present, a ground model covered in snow and a Christmas themed sky-box are all included in this Presents 3d Pack.

Present Boxes

There are 3 boxes included : square, rectangular and cylinder shaped.
There are also 3 bow decorations for the top of the box, those are separate meshes and can easily be swapped.
Each present prefabs is assigned materials based on different themes.

Present Animator Script

The “Present animator” script is used to handle each present’s interaction, animation, particles as well as contained items.

The following interactions can be toggled on/off for each present:

  • “Mouse-over”
  • “Click” (or Tap)
  • “Close back”

The default “Idle” state cannot be turned off.

Each state can be assigned an animation and multiple particle effects “FX” that will be played when the state occur.
FX can be set to pre-load (instantiated on Start), looped and they can be played after a delay.

The Close back interaction can be set to “auto” with an optional delay (the present will close on its own after the delay) or by click/tap to let the player fully interact with the loot box.

Multiple “Contained items” can be added to the present, those will be revealed when the present is opened (by using the “Open” or “Explode” animations)
Contained items are set to pre-load by default since they need to be present before the box is opened in order to have a smooth experience without lag.

Finally, public callbacks are available for the Idle, Mouse over, Opening and Closing states.
As a result, your own methods can be called on specific present’s state allowing you to fully customize events related to the player interactions with the presents.
Please see the “CallbackShowcase.cs” script (assigned to “Present_B_13” in the demo scene) for an example on how to use this.


Each present comes with the following animations:

  • Idle – no motion
  • Breath – the present softly deforms mimicking a breathing motion
  • Jump – bounces in place
  • Open – pops open instantly
  • Explode – the box shakes rapidly then suddenly opens

Triangle count

  • Present
    • A – square box – 726 triangles
    • B – rectangular box – 658 triangles
    • C – cylinder box – 1360 triangles
  • Bow
    • A – 720 triangles
    • B – 372 triangles
    • C – 660 triangles


Materials are all Unity’s Standard PBR material (Metallic/Roughness).
The paper and the ribbon/bow are using separate materials which allow to combine any paper with any ribbon/bow material.


Paper and ribbon’s textures are all 1024*1024 pixels and tile-able.
FX textures range from 512*512 to 1024*1024 and 512*2048 pixels.
The ground snow textures are 128*128 pixels and tile-able.
The sky-box texture is 5460*2730 pixels and tile-able in one direction.

Particle Effects

The “Confetti Glitter” and “Confetti Streamer” particle effects are both using animated atlas textures.
The “Explosion” and “Sparkles” are both standard particle effects.

13 particle effects prefabs:

  • FX_Absorb_Glitter
  • FX_Absorb_Sparkle
  • FX_Absorb_Streamer
  • FX_Explode
  • FX_Explode_Glitter
  • FX_Explode_Sparkle
  • FX_Explode_Streamer
  • FX_Fall_Glitter
  • FX_Fall_Sparkle
  • FX_Fall_Streamer
  • FX_Float_Glitter
  • FX_Float_Sparkle
  • FX_Float_Streamer
Presents 3D Pack - Red Present


The demo scene, animator script, materials and particle effects are only available in the Unity file.

3d Files are provided in the following formats:

  • FBX
  • 3DS Max 2018
  • Unity 2018.4 Standard

Textures are provided as:

  • PNG
  • TGA


The following files are available as ZIP:

  • Unity package file (44.99MB)
  • Bonus content (38.75MB)
    • 3d assets as 3DS Max files
    • FBX files including animations
    • PNG/TGA textures

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Version history

  • v1.5
    • Added Easter themed textures, materials and prefabs
  •  v1.4
    • Added Halloween themed textures, materials and prefabs
    • Fixed some UV distortion on some of the present models
  • v1.3
    • Added callbacks to the Present Animator
  • v1.2
    • Updated all 3d mesh and UV to allow texture tiling
    • Created all textures and materials from scratch
    • Created a new Present Animator script
    • Present shape (cylinder) and bow added
    • Materials and textures (stripes) added
    • Support for interactions added
    • Support for contained items added
    • Removed Substance materials
  • v1.1
    • Added patterns for Valentine’s day
    • Renamed substance materials to generic names
    • Added zipped material themes presets for Christmas and Valentine
    • The Valentine’s materials are loaded by default
    • Fixed a minor bug to position the particle effect before it starts playing
    • Changed the particles to simulate in Local space
  • v1.0
    • Initial release


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